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The Neville Workshop

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The Neville Workshop

A 2 day intensive workshop

The most basic materials of paper, cardboard and paint get transformed into extraordinarily expressive puppets with moving mouths.

You don't have to be good at art or craft.  Just let the materials reveal the puppet inside. The making includes uncovering a design through paper sculpture, papier mache, painting, foam shaping and working with fabric.

The manipulation includes practising basic moving mouth techniques, eye contact and allowing the puppet to reveal its personality.

Originally designed for teenagers, we have also been invited to facilitate this workshop for academics at the University of Canberra and as a Master Class for Southern Tablelands Arts.

To book a

Neville Workshop

Price - $190 per person

Duration - 2 days

All materials supplied

Participants: Minimum 5 / Maximum 10

Contact - Sue Wallace 0438 218 217

Or email


0438 218 217

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