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Make Shadow Puppets

Explore the magical, mysterious world of shadows

Shadow puppetry is one of the most expressive puppetry forms.

Maths, physics and art combine to create 2D shadow puppets that interact with the light. The images can be figurative or abstract, small or very large.

Participants start with sketching their character and then learn how to configure the design to accommodate the desired movement. Patterns are made from paper and then transferred onto cardboard or plastic for the finished puppet.

This workshop is suitable for those 9 years to adult.

Participants may work alone or in groups devising a narrative, making the characters and then learning how to perform with the puppets to bring the narrative to life.

To book a

Shadow Puppet Workshop

Price - $50/person for 3 hours. $100/person each 1 day (6 hours).

Duration options -

3 hour workshop, all day workshop or multi-day workshop depending on the complexity of the desired outcome.

All materials supplied

Participants: Minimum 12 / Maximum 20

Contact - Sue Wallace 0438 218 217

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imagining the impossible