Bach and The Plastic Arts

10 minutes

Join Magda and Berg (from The Magdeburg Ensemble) as they explore the great J.S.Bach’s major contributions to the Plastic Art of the late 20th century - with some rather unpredictable results.


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Short Works

“… this is what the world needs…real entertainment with real value”

“ the end of the night I had to wipe the dribble from my mouth as it was open all night in amazement…”

Audience responses to various Short Works

Short Works

Sydney Puppet Theatre has created a number of short works, (all less than 15 minutes) suitable for adult cabaret, corporate events and parties.

All these short works are self-contained, mobile and strictly 16 years and up.

Prices available on enquiry.

Contact - Sue Wallace 0438 218 217 or email


15 minutes

Footprint is described as a poem in cardboard. Designed for the adult audience, it is beautiful shadow theatre without words with an original soundtrack by Steve Coupe.  It is non-narrative and was originally created for an international audience.  It is a response to land, to country. Footprint is played on a tabletop.

Footprint has been performed at festivals and events in Australia and in Germany, New York, Atlanta, Glasgow and Tokyo.

The Right and Left of Art

8 minutes

Salvador Dali meets Frida Kahlo (for puppet real) - who wins, who draws?


12 minutes

Mexico takes a picturesque journey into the surreal history of the land of tacos, skeletons, Incas and churches.

Granny does Rock ‘n’ Roll

10 minutes

After a lifetime of performing for children, Granny breaks free to deliver her own take on AC/DC, the Angels and more.

The Nian Story

15 minutes

Commissioned for Chinese New Year celebrations - the story of the saving of the new year from destruction by the Nian.  This is designed for the family audience.

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