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Length of Show:

No: of performers:

Age suitability:

Audience capacity:

Stage Dimensions:

Set Up Time:

Take Down Time:





40 minutes


4 years and up


Height 2.5m

Width 7m

Depth 5m

2.5 hours

2 hours

Theatre lighting

Live voice & recorded music

Theatre only

Z for


To book Z for Giraffe

Prices from $495 to $825 depending on audience size.

Contact -

Sue Wallace 0438 218 217

Or email

“… composed with such force it is a testament to the power of simple images of shadow puppetry … Wallace and Coupe are such warm lively performers. ”

The West Australian Today

Z for Giraffe is based on a true story that began nearly 200 years ago during the age of enlightenment. This beautiful puppet theatre experience tells the story of Zeraffa, a young giraffe captured in Africa and sent as a gift to the King of France.

Z for Giraffe tells of her journey to Paris by river, sea and land. This tall and graceful creature became the darling of Paris and the muse of artists and fashion designers.

Z for Giraffe beautifully incorporates a number of puppetry styles including marionettes, hand puppets and shadow puppets. The puppeteers also interact as storytellers, actors and musicians.

This show has been performed at festivals and events in Australia, Singapore and Austria.  

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